Multiple Target Returns

Laserdyne’s unique rangefinding techniques offer true multiple targeting solutions – making range gating an option but not a necessity. Real-time processing of the returned waveform provides range data for any selected target.

RangePRO Laser Range Finder Multiple Target Detection

Laser Dyne RangePRO Laser Range Finder for Multiple Target Detection

In some cases – ranging through vegetation, or targets in a convoy – there may be a reflection from more than one object in the path of the laser. Less advanced rangefinders have limited facilities for selecting the first or last target or the largest target. Unlike RangePRO, they do not provide the capability to store and post-process all returns. The user therefore has to fire the rangefinder again to try to get a return only from the target of interest. This takes additional time, unnecessarily.

Only the RangePRO family of laser rangefinders have the capacity to determine and report all returns and provide the user with a simple means of determining the range to all returns along the line of sight after a single firing of the laser. The user can easily interrogate the system for detailed data on each target, if required.

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