High-Reliability Laser Modules

The RangePRO family employ compact, reliable laser modules. The subsystem in any laser rangefinder which dictates the ultimate system reliability is the laser itself.

RangePRO rangefinders use one of 2 types:

  • a miniature, ultra-reliable, flashlamp pumped type for single shot to 1Hz operation; and
  • a diode-laser pumped type for repeat-pulse applications.

Single Shot Miniature Type

These laser modules are used in single shot and low rep. rate (to 1Hz) models. They are Nd:YAG/OPO systems developed by LaserDYNE and proven over years of use. They are known for their compact structure, and their reliability over a wide temperature range. These lasers have been tested for operation from -32 to +60 degrees C.

Repeat-Pulse Type

These diode-laser pumped modules are used in repetitive ranging models. They are a relatively new development, being refined for military use by Laserdyne in recent years. The result is a compact laser modules that represent the state-of-the-art in diode-laser pumped eye-safe laser technology.

Like the single-shot type, they also utilise a Nd:YAG/OPO cavity configuration and exhibit excellent stability over a wide temperature range. They can be operated from single shot to 30Hz.

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