Black Opal

Black Opal Rugged Flat Panel DisplayBlack Opal Rugged Flat Panel Displays by LaserDYNE

Black Opal increases the effectiveness of surveillance, sighting and security systems. Engineered for land, sea and air-borne display applications, Black Opal ruggedized displays include remote/indirect viewing of video images generated by day and night and by thermal cameras.

Each model has an LCD monitor with a tough, low reflection, high clarity window providing EMI/EMC shielding.  The microprocessor unit, power and control electronics are housed in a rugged enclosure with heating and cooling mechanisms. Model sizes vary and all are button operated.

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Find out about specific product features (availability is dependent on model choice):

  • Backlight LCD. LED backlighting technology. Images are viewable in full direct sunlight through to full darkness. Settings suitable for low light, with night vision devices and for black-out conditions are available.
  • MultiVision. Black Opal allows for 4 video and 1 PC input. Simultaneous display from two video and one PC is possible at full frame rates, and in 5 formats.
  • Image Enhancement. Video inputs obscured by rain, fog, snow, mist or smoke are adjusted within a central window where contrast and colour are enhanced.
  • Digital Zoom. Fully X & Y interpolated “smart” zoom, yields a clear zoomed image without the blocky pixelated appearance often seen with digital zooming.
  • Freeze Frame. Freeze the current prime video channel while leaving live any video inset.
  • Colourisation.  Apply preloaded colour palettes to monochrome imagery.
  • Motion or “edge tearing” compensation. Minimise the jagged edges that can occur with motion in video on LCDs.

Black Opal display software is easily upgradeable, upgrades can be downloaded in the field via a PC.

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