Colourise Image

Monochrome video images may be shown in:

  • true view, the original state
  • inverted view, swapping black for white
  • pseudo colour view, a colourised view

The pseudo colour view applies a preloaded colour palette to the grey scale of the image. It is intended for use with monochrome images from thermal sensing cameras, though may be applied to any monochrome video image.

Two palettes may be resident on the system at any one time:

  • Ironbow – palette based on the colour temperature spectrum of iron;
  • Ironbow+threshold – as for Ironbow but only applied above a selected grey level;
  • Rainbow – palette based on the standard colour spectrum; and
  • Rainbow+threshold – as for Rainbow but only applied above a selected grey level.

Colourise functions may be invoked via the menu structure, or be preset for specific video channels within individual screen lay-outs.

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