MultiVision Screen Lay-outs

This on-screen aspect of the Black Opal MultiVision feature allows 5 or more different screen layouts. Simultaneous display of  two video and one PC (analogue RGB) input may be configured in each layout.

The examples shown in this demonstration are:

  • a single video channel
  • video channel inset as Picture-in-Picture [PiP] in another video channel
  • two video channels as PiPs in a PC input

Other configurations include:

  • single video channel as PiPs in a PC input;
  • two video channels side by side as a vertical split.

Customised lay-outs may also be configured.

Once invoked, and where there is a video-in-video layout, the “-” and “+” buttons will swap the main video for the inset video.

The input aspect of the MultiVision feature allows for connection of up to 4 video and up to 2 PC inputs from which the on-screen layouts are constructed.

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