MemorEyes HD Digital Video Recorder

MemorEyes HD: MemorEyes solid-state High Definition video recording system
MemorEyes-to-Go: removable WAM (“Walk Away Memory”)




Width 146mm
Height 66.7mm
Depth 177.5mm
Mass 1.3kg


  • high efficiency video compression (H.264);
  • fully compatible with Laserdyne’s Black Opal displays, can be used with most other displays;
  • will also record standard definition video;
  • land, sea and airborne applications
  • solid state, rugged design to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation, EM shielded.


  • records to fixed internal storage, duplicating to external waterproof removable memory module;
  • 6 hours of high quality video to internal storage, 6 hours duplicated to removable memory;
  • audio recorded with video.



Input High Def: SDI/HDSDI; also composite/Svideo, NTSC/PAL
Output High Def: SDI/HDSDI; also composite/Svideo, NTSC/PAL


Input 3.3Vpp (max.)
Output 4Vpp (max.)


  • Graphic User Interface – AMOLED, rotary switch & 3 momentary buttons for record & playback control;
  • Debrief, Play, Stop, Record, Record Mute;
  • Remote control via Black Opal display.

File Management & Event Marking

  • Video is presented as files of preset duration (with no loss of frames between files) for easy file retrieval, identification and management.
  • User initiated Event-marking sets time-based markers and creates files around events of interest.

Internal and Removable (“Walk Away”) Memories

  • fixed internal storage medium stores up to 6 hours of video at highest quality for download via ethernet;
  • waterproof removeable USB memory module duplicates up to 6 hours of video at highest quality allowing quick swap-out for mission continuity;
  • storage destination selectable via GUI.


  • 9 to 30Vdc input (28V nominal).


  • RS-232 115,200 Baud


  • 4 x PFSC35 Dzus fasteners, 1 in each corner.


Comms 1,200 to 230.6k Baud
WAM Extra Memor-Eyes-to-Go removable USB memory modules.

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