Configurable Parameters

MemorEyes features an on-board, web-based interface for configuration. A PC with ethernet connection and web-browser is all that is required to personalise MemorEyes parameters.

Configurable parameters include:

  • input video format;
  • input channel selection;
  • output channel selection (for playback on a compatible device such as a BlackOPAL display);
  • watermark on/off (when on, the watermark is imposed on every frame as part of the picture);
  • set record file size (video is recorded in separate files for manageability, the length of the files may be set anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes);
  • configure filename convention ( MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY date method used in filename);
  • set Event context duration (specifies the recording time after an Event that is to be recording time after an Event that is to be included in the file before recording is allowed to go to the next file, it may be set anywhere from 0 to 2 minutes);
  • date/time set (to adjust to local time or compensate for drift);
  • IP address change (in case a different address is required for the MemorEyes when hooked into a local network);
  • image adjustment (in case hue, saturation, contrast or brightness values need to be set to suit individual camera characteristics); and
  • recording time versus data rate/recording quality.
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