1,000th Digital Rangefinder Module Shipped for Hand Held Application

RangePRO Model HPCL-10KF from Laserdyne Technologies

RangePRO Model HPCL-10KF

RangePRO Model L5LSH from Laserdyne Technologies

RangePRO Model L5LSH

RangePRO Model L-GM5 from Laserdyne Technologies

RangePRO Model L-GM5

Laserdyne recently shipped the 1000th unit of just one model of RangePRO laser rangefinder. This contract continues, and other RangePRO models continue to sell along side it, making the RangePRO family a highly popular and successful group of products.

This particular model was selected by the customer for integration into a hand-held forward observation/target acquisition system.

It was chosen for its compactness, its robustness, the benefits of Laserdyne’s unique digital rangefinding technology, and the customisation engineered by Laserdyne to make it mission-perfect.

This model is a member of Laserdyne’s flash-lamp pumped series which employ our Nd:YAG/OPO laser engine which has been proven over years of use. They are noted for their compact structure and their reliability over a wide temperature range. These laser modules are used in single shot and low rep. rate (to 1Hz) models.

The other group of RangePRO laser rangefinder modules is our diode-laser pumped series which have been refined for military use by Laserdyne in recent years resulting in compact laser modules that represent the state-of-the-art in diode-laser pumped eyesafe laser technology. Like the single-shot type, they also exhibit excellent stability over a wide temperature range. They can be operated from single shot to 30Hz continuous.

Advanced Digital Rangefinding Technology

Laserdyne’s unique rangefinding techniques extract more useful data from a single ranging pulse than any other method on the market today.

Our advanced digital signal processing technology provides accurate, reliable ranging with true multiple-target detection capability – making range gating an option but NOT a necessity. Real-time processing of the returned waveform provides range data for any selected target.

Only the RangePRO family of laser rangefinders has the capacity to determine and report all returns, even small returns where the signal is buried in noise, and provide the user with a simple means of determining the range to all returns along the line of sight after a single firing of the laser. The user can easily interrogate the system for detailed data on each target.


For even modest quantities (say 50+) Laserdyne can customise a laser rangefinder solution to suit the application, making Laserdyne and RangePRO laser rangefinder modules a ‘must consider’ for any rangefinder application.